Dance & Cheer Shoes

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Ballet Shoes

Bloch Bunnyhop

Delightful bunny print design lining for the little dancer and unbeatable value for the parent. 


Bloch Dansoft

Leather full sole shoes with cotton lining and pre-sewn elastic. Perfect for every level. Available in pink, black, and white.


Bloch Prolite Hybrid

Leather split sole ballet shoes with a soft canvas arch insert to hug the foot when pointing and minimize wrinkling.  


Bloch Canvas Pump

Canvas split sole. Traditional stitching technique encourages the shoe to hug the arch when pointing. Available in pink, and black.

$33.00/$38.00/$40.00 for men

Bloch Zenith

Ultimate stretch canvas ballet flat giving a streamlined fit reflecting contours of the foot while being extremely comfortable.


Sansha Pro 1 Canvas

The original split-sole since 1986. Hand stitched sole construction,pre-curved front sole, and 2 layers of canvas.


Tap Shoes

Bloch Annie Tap Shoe

A black patent upper is combined with an elastic feature connecting the two side straps and securing the shoe to the foot. Available in black and tan.


Bloch Tap On

Ladies classic leather tap shoe featuring Bloch's Techno Tap.  Cushioned insole for comfort and shock absorption. Available in black and tan.


Bloch Jazz Tap

Jazz style leather upper. The toe tap is secured to a resonating board for a full sound and stability. Techno heel & toe taps.


Bloch Tap Flex

Lace up split sole full grain leather upper and leather stacked heel. Exclusive Bloch 'sling technique' upper allowing the shoe to bend in one direction and give resistance in the other. Also available in men's sizes ($129.00).


Bloch Audeo Tap

Lace up full grain leather upper and leather stacked heel. Wick away lining for comfort and to reduce moisture. Heel notch to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon.


Bloch Jason Tap

Bloch's Jason Samuels Smith tap shoe.  Oxford leather upper with build up - a double hard leather outsole. Triple stacked heel. Steel resonance plate between the tap and outsole for optimum depth and pitch. Wick away lining for comfort and to reduce moisture. Also available in men's sizes ($310.00).


Jazz Shoes & Turners

Bloch Dance Now Jazz Boot

Synthetic leather, economy jazz boot. Available in black and tan.


Bloch Elasta Bootie

Full grain leather slip on bootie with side elastic inserts. Available in black and tan. Also available in mens sizes ($78)


Bloch Stretch Grecian

Stretch canvas grecian shoe, perfect for teaching.


Bloch Leather Eclipse

Leather turners.


Bloch Canvas Eclipse

Canvas turner.


Bloch Spin II

Stretch canvas turner.


Foot Paws

Bloch Orbit

Stretch canvas, 2 toe foot paw.


Bloch Neoform

5 toe, neoprene foot paw.


Bloch Foot Wrap

3 toe, mesh foot paw.


Danshuz Half Sole

2 toe, neoprene foot paw.


Leo Illusion

4 toe, mesh foot paw.


Motionwear Dance Sole

5 toe, mesh foot paw.


Pointe Shoes

Bloch Aspiration

Wide box and platform allows the ballet dancers toes to spread and provides stability. Strong box and shank for support whilst en pointe.


Bloch Balance European

The 'Balance European' has all the advantages of the Balance shoe, with a more tapered, streamlined look at the toe. Whilst maintaining a large balance platform, the inside of the toe box is narrower, for a snug fit around the toes.


Bloch B-Morph

Features TMT, allowing the dancer to mold the shoe to the contours of their feet. Wide platform helps to support and stabilize the ankle and enables the dancer to balance more easily 'en pointe'.


Bloch Jet Stream

The Jetstream pointe shoe has been created with an innovative box design exclusive to Bloch. The new EVA cushioned box molds to the contours of the foot for greater comfort and shock absorbency eliminating the need for additional padding. Tailored upper lining to reduce creasing.


Bloch Eurostretch

Bloch introduces a new and exciting range of pointe shoes featuring groundbreaking innovation in a category virtually unchanged in over 120 years. With the latest in stretch materials and multiple patents, these features combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot, and unparalleled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality. Exclusively by BLOCH.


Bloch Dramtica

Perfect for dancers with shorter toes or tighter muscles under the foot and ankle. It will contour to all major foot contact points for ease and comfortability en pointe. Designed with an improved platform and pasting method, the stretch-satin upper ensures lengthening when the foot is flat or in demi-plie and returns to its original form when en pointe.


Bloch Mirella Advanced

This pointe shoe features a broad platform, wide box, firm shank pasted at 3/4, low profile, and curved suede outsole.


Grishko 2007

This exclusive creation of the Grishko craftsmen is a revolution in pointe shoe design. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, a medium platform and a moderately low profile.


Grishko Dream Pointe

This pointe shoe has become the instant favourite of the new generation of dancers worldwide. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with long wings and a drawstring.


Grishko Miracle

The Miracle is based on the best-selling Grishko 2007 model but with a heel that is 5mm lower. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring and a medium platform.

This shoe is suitable for all kinds of feet and for dancers working with the standard Grishko 2007 model. It may not be suitable for dancers with high arches or those requiring an SH shank.


Grishko Elite

This handcrafted pointe shoe has a U-shaped low vamp, a broad platform and a broad flat box. Grishko craftsmen manually secure the tall layers of the box together and evenly distribute glue inside it, making the shoe stronger, smoother and more durable.


Grishko Maya

The Maya - I is based on the Fouette model and has a V-shaped medium vamp with a medium platform.


Character & Ballroom Shoes

Bloch Karacta Flat

Canvas character shoe with a 3/4" heel.


Bloch Karacta Sport

Canvas character shoe with a 1 1/4" heel.


Bloch Curtain Call

Well balanced stage shoe with a full leather upper and outsole. Also available in tan.


Bloch Cabaret

Classic chorus shoe with a 2.5" heel. Also available in tan.


Bloch Practice Shoe

Leather practice shoe.


Bloch Xavier

Classic oxford upper in  full-grain leather. 


Cheer Shoes & Dance Sneakers

Nfinity Game Day

This ultra light sideline shoe is designed for a smooth transition between court and field performance.


Nfinity Vengeance

 These shoes definitely won’t weigh you down. At only 3.9 oz, the Nfinity  Vengeance is our lightest cheer shoe. Created using the latest  technology, these ultra lightweight shoes are as durable and comfortable as they are light. 


Nfinity Defiance

The Nfinity Defiance is created with game-changing material that has  altered the cheerleading world. The first shoe of it’s kind designed to  increase rebound on all matted surfaces. Ergonomically designed for  better stunting control and HALO patent pending technology ensures lift  optimization for ideal height when tumbling. 


COMING SOON: Nfinity Flyte

You're on the rise with the Nfinity FLYTE. At only 3.8oz, this shoe is specifically designed for comfort, fit, and the ultimate in stunt performance.  


Bloch Boost/Canvas Dance Sneaker

Boost Mesh incorporates super lightweight materials and a custom fit to  provide support & optimum arch fit. The cushioned heel provides  comfort, while the spin spot and flexible split sole make this shoe  articulate and supportive. All time favorite. 

Canvas $101.00 Boost $121.00